Migrant birds

For some time now, an undivided Europe has experienced political, social and economic transformations on an unprecedented scale. These changes have encouraged new and vibrant companies in Middle and Eastern Europe to introduce their quality products on the international market.

The people of Middle and Eastern Europe have skills and knowledge, which in turn is reflected in their products. Several well-known companies have built a great reputation for their production of bendwood chairs and utilise Michael Thonet’s 18th century techniques, originated in the town Bopphard – the Rhein-Preussen of that time.

Operating on the highly competitive world market, these new companies must use innovative, cutting-edge design so as to be able to keep a comparative advantage.

These premises were behind the newly founded marketing company WEMAL-JB s.r.o. in Bratislava, Slovakia, which a few years ago opened a technically advanced factory near Bratislava with around 250 workers. WEMAL has been very successful with its range of upholstered furniture for the Retail Market.

Recently WEMAL launched a new collection in upholstered furniture aimed mainly at the Contract Market. The company’s policy is to use only high quality materials, leather and fabrics from established manufacturers such as KVADRAT A/S and GABRIEL A/S in Denmark and ELMO-LEATHER in Sweden.

Inspired by migrant birds, the Icelandic designer, Pétur B. Lúthersson, has named his chairs after the most welcomed visitors. Each spring thousands upon thousands of migrant birds flock to the shores of the vast Icelandic coastline and manifest that summer in all its splendour is soon to come. For Icelanders, the bird-names Lóa and Spói symbolise summer in a way nothing else does. Furniture Designer, Pétur B. Lúthersson, has designed WEMAL’s new family of sofas and chairs – the “Migrant birds”.

The “Migrant birds” were first introduced at the ORGATEC-Fair in Cologne in October 2002 with great appraisals.

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